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Type: Article
Published: 2020-06-08
Page range: 55–90
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A revision of the Brazilian species of Lysmata Risso, 1816 (Decapoda: Caridea: Lysmatidae), with discussion of the morphological characters used in their identification

Laboratório de Carcinologia, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo (MZUSP), Av. Nazaré 481, Ipiranga, São Paulo, SP, 04263-000, Brazil
Laboratório de Carcinologia, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo (MZUSP), Av. Nazaré 481, Ipiranga, São Paulo, SP, 04263-000, Brazil
Laboratório de Ecologia de Ecossistemas Aquáticos (LEEA), Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (UFU), Avenida Amazonas, s/n., Uberlândia, MG, 38400-902 , Brazil
Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, ICB-5, Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG), Campus Samambaia, Av. Esperança s/n, Goiânia, GO, 74690-900, Brazil
Decapoda Lysmata South-West Atlantic peppermint shrimp cleaner shrimp ornamental species aquarium trade


The present study is a taxonomic revision of the species of the shrimp genus Lysmata Risso, 1816 from Brazil, based on literature records and specimens deposited mostly in the Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo (MZUSP). A total of eleven species are included, these being L. ankeri Rhyne & Lin, 2006, L. bahia Rhyne & Lin, 2006, L. grabhami (Gordon, 1935), L. intermedia (Kingsley, 1878), L. cf. jundalini Rhyne, Calado & Santos, 2012, L. lipkei Okuno & Fiedler, 2010, L. moorei (Rathbun, 1901), L. rathbunae Chace, 1970, L. uncicornis Holthuis & Maurin, 1952, L. vittata (Stimpson, 1860) and L. wurdemanni (Gibbes, 1850). The material from São Paulo recently reported as L. jundalini by Terossi et al. (2018) is re-identified as L. intermedia, based on a re-analysis of their voucher specimens. On the other hand, a single non-ovigerous specimen from Espírito Santo without a photographic voucher, is tentatively identified as L. cf. jundalini. The importance of some morphological characters often used in the taxonomy of Lysmata is discussed in the light of the present material. Several species are illustrated, some with new locality or state records along the Brazilian coast. Doubtful literature records are commented and an updated taxonomic key for the Brazilian species of Lysmata is provided.



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