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Type: Article
Published: 2020-07-10
Page range: 244–270
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New taxa of crickets (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Phaloriinae, Phalangopsinae, Itarinae and Podoscirtinae) from Borneo (Brunei Darussalam and Sandakan)

Institut de Systématique, Evolution et Biodiversité, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, CNRS, SU, EPHE, UA, 57 rue Cuvier, CP 50, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France
Forest Research Centre (Sepilok), Sabah Forestry Department, P.O. Box 1407, 90715 Sandakan, Sabah.
Forest Research Centre (Sepilok), Sabah Forestry Department, P.O. Box 1407, 90715 Sandakan, Sabah.
Institute for Biodiversity and Environmental Research, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Jalan Universiti, BE1410, Brunei Darussalam.
Orthoptera Aphonoidini Podoscirtini new species Southeast Asia


Three new species were described from Borneo: Itara (Bornitara) spinosa sp. nov. and Aphonoides duri sp. nov. from Brunei and Varitrella (Cantotrella) suikei sp. nov. from Sandakan in Sabah. We describe the call of Varitrella (Cantotrella) suikei sp. nov. In addition to the new species descriptions, we also report new locality records of other recently discovered species: Borneloria spinosa Gorochov, 2018 in Belait (Brunei Darussalam), species of Anemozara Gorochov, 2014 in Brunei Darussalam and Terrozacla borneo Gorochov, 2014 in Belait.



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