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Type: Article
Published: 2020-09-28
Page range: 215–250
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Ontogenetic and morphological studies on Tetranychus canadensis (Acari:

Guizhou Institute of Biology, Guizhou Academy of Sciences, Guiyang, 550009, P.R. China (IBAS).
Institute of Entomology, Guizhou University, Guiyang 550025, P.R. China (GUGC), and The Provincial Key Laboratory for Agricultural Pest Management of Mountainous Region, Guiyang 550025, P.R. China (APML).
Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit, Agricultural Research Service (ARS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Maryland, 20705, USA
Electron and Confocal Microscopy Unit (ECMU), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Maryland, 20705, USA
Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL), Beltsville Agricultural Research Centre (BARC), Maryland, 20705, USA.
Acari spider mite T. polys group supracoxal setae adoral setae confocal scanning LT-SEM


Tetranychus canadensis (McGregor) is redescribed based on type specimens and American non-type specimens. The ontogenetic development of leg chaetotaxy is provided, which is the typical additional pattern for Tetranychus. The variation of pregenital striae and shape of aedeagi are discussed.  Low temperature scanning electron microscopic photos show the supracoxal setae on palpfemur (ep) and leg coxae I (el) are eupathidia; lateral and ventral lips bear modified leaf-like adoral setae (or2 and or3) and the dorsal lips bearing a pair of spine-like dorsal adoral setae (or1); dorsal seta on tibia I (db) is a trichobothrium with a cup-shaped base and broken striae on the inner integument. Confocal scanning shows a thin, long ejaculatory duct and a thicker duct connecting the aedeagus to a cup-shaped seminal vesicle; the aedeagus is hollow where the ejaculatory duct passes through.



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