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Type: Article
Published: 2020-12-03
Page range: 330–346
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Review of the Cyana rejecta (Walker, 1854) species-group, with descriptions of three new species from mainland Africa and a new subspecies from Madagascar (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae, Lithosiini)

The African Natural History Research Trust (ANHRT), Street Court Leominster-Kingsland, HR6 9QA, United Kingdom Altai State University, Lenina Avenue, 61, RF-656049, Barnaul, Russia.
The African Natural History Research Trust (ANHRT), Street Court Leominster-Kingsland, HR6 9QA, United Kingdom
Lepidoptera Cyana new species new subspecies Sub-Saharan Africa Madagascar Afrotropics


The present paper provides an overview of the Cyana rejecta (Walker, 1854) species-group. Three new species (C. yao sp. n., C. occidentalis sp. n. and C. cornutissima sp. n.) and a new subspecies (C. rejecta viettei ssp. n.) are described. Adults, male and female genitalia of all taxa of the species-group are illustrated.



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