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Type: Article
Published: 2021-08-06
Page range: 382-394
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Two new oak gall wasp species (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae, Cynipini) from Quercus pontica (Fagaceae) in Turkey

Pamukkale University, Acıpayam Vocational High School, Department of Veterinary, Laborant & Veterinary Health Program, Acıpayam, Denizli, Turkey.
Pamukkale University, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Department of Biology, Denizli, Turkey.
Hymenoptera Andricus mammadovi Cynips fatihi Quercus pontica oak gall new species


Two new species of oak gall wasp, Andricus mammadovi Azmaz &  Katılmış sp. n. sexual generation and Cynips fatihi Azmaz &  Katılmış sp. n. asexual generation (Cynipidae: Cynipini) are described from the eastern Black Sea region in Turkey. These species induce galls on Quercus pontica K.Koch representing the first record of cynipids associated with the natural Q. pontica population in Turkey. SEM images, photos of the host galls, and data on the diagnosis, distribution, and biology of both new species are provided.



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