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Type: Article
Published: 2021-08-06
Page range: 441-447
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A new species of Myrsidea (Insecta: Phthiraptera: Menoponidae) from Chile

Department of Biology and Wildlife Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology, University of Veterinary Sciences, Palackého tř. 1946/1, 612 42 Brno, Czech Republic.
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, P.O. Box 467, Wellington 6140, New Zealand.
Phthiraptera Myrsidea Phthiraptera Amblycera Menoponidae lice new species Passeriformes Turdidae Turdus falcklandii Austral thrush Chile


Myrsidea danielalfonsoi new species is described and illustrated from the Austral thrush (Turdus falcklandii magellanicus King, 1831) in Chile.



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