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Type: Article
Published: 2021-09-14
Page range: 119-128
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New species and new record of Neotropical Metatrichia Coquillett (Diptera: Scenopinidae)

Coordenação de Biodiversidade, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia - INPA, Av. André Araújo, Petrópolis, 2936, CEP 69067-375, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, Laboratório de Estudos dos Invertebrados, 65604–380, Caxias, Maranhão, Brazil.
Diptera Asiloidea distribution Neotropical taxonomy


Two species of the genus Metatrichia Coquillett, from South America, are described as new to science: Metatrichia barbata sp. nov. and Metatrichia brunneipennis sp. nov. Their relationships with related species are discussed. Metatrichia bulbosa (Osten Sacken, 1877) is registered to Brazil for the first time. A key to New World species of Metatrichia is presented.



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