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Type: Article
Published: 2021-11-17
Page range: 443-447
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A new species of Anteon from Zimbabwe (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae)

Tropical Entomology Research Center, Via De Gasperi 10, I-01100 Viterbo, Italy.
Via Pericle Scriboni 28, 01017 Tuscania, Italy.
Department of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (DAFNE), University of Tuscia, Via San Camillo de Lellis, I-01100 Viterbo, Italy.
Hymenoptera Anteon chirindense Anteoninae Chrysidoidea identification key Anteon haladai


A new species from Zimbabwe, Anteon chirindense sp. nov. (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae: Anteoninae), is described and illustrated. Its relationship with other Afrotropical species of Anteon is discussed. The new species is close to A. haladai Olmi, described from Zambia, but its chela is different with inner margin of protarsomere 5 curved, whereas it is almost rectilinear in A. haladai. The key to the Afrotropical species of Anteon is modified to include the new species.



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