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Published: 2022-01-14

A new species of the waspfish genus Ocosia (Teleostei: Tetrarogidae) from the Coral Sea, with a key to species in the genus

Natural History Museum, National Science Museum, 39, Moo 3, Khlong 5, Khlong Luang, Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand.
The Kagoshima University Museum, 1-21-30 Korimoto, Kagoshima 890-0065, Japan.
Pisces Ocosia apia Ocosia dorsomaculata morphology taxonomy description


The new waspfish Ocosia dorsomaculata n. sp. (Tetrarogidae) is described, based on specimens from Australia (5) and New Caledonia (51). Although O. dorsomaculata and Ocosia apia Poss & Eschmeyer 1975 both share modally XVI, 8 dorsal-fin rays with a long second dorsal-fin spine, and presence of supraocular, lateral lacrimal, and suborbital spines, the former has modally 13 pectoral-fin rays (vs. usually 12 in the latter), a lower modal count of total gill rakers (10 vs. 16–18), greater upper-jaw length, greater third to sixth dorsal-fin spine lengths, the third dorsal-fin spine slightly shorter than the second dorsal-fin spine (vs. third spine markedly shorter than second spine), 1 or 2 prominent pale brown to dark brown blotches on the membrane between the fifth to eighth or sixth to ninth dorsal-fin spines (vs. 1 blotch on the membrane around the third dorsal-fin spine and 1 blotch on the membrane between the sixth to eighth dorsal-fin spines), and body with 11–15 longitudinal pale brown to dark brown bars along lateral line (vs. irregular brown specks). A key to the species of Ocosia is given.



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