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Type: Article
Published: 2022-01-17
Page range: 501-545
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A review of the non-lyctine powder-post beetles of Yunnan (China) with a new genus and new species (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)

Honghe University, College of Biological & Agricultural Sciences, Mengzi, Yunnan 661199, China.
Honghe University, College of Biological & Agricultural Sciences, Mengzi, Yunnan 661199, China.
161/2 Mu 5, Soi Wat Phranon, T. Donkaew, A. Maerim, Chiangmai 50180, Thailand.
Coleoptera Fauna new genus new species new records keys checklist Yunnan SW China Himalayas Southeast Asia


The powder post beetles (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) (except Lyctinae) of Yunnan Province in Southwest China are reviewed for the first time. Keys to twenty-six genera and fifty-two species from the Yunnan region are provided. One new genus and seven new species are described: Dinoderus (Dinoderastes) hongheensis sp. nov., Dinoderus (Dinoderastes) nanxiheensis sp. nov., Gracilenta yingjiangensis gen. nov., sp. nov., Calonistes vittatus sp. nov., Calophagus colombiana sp. nov., Xylodrypta guochuanii sp. nov. and Xylodrypta zhenghei sp. nov.. Fourteen species are recorded in China for the first time. The bostrichid fauna of Yunnan is compared with those of the neighbouring bio-geographically related Southeast Asian and Himalayan regions. The fauna has a close affinity with that of tropical Southeast Asia and a much weaker relationship with the Palearctic region. The differences with the Himalayas may reflect the separate evolutionary and complex geological history of the two areas.


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