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Type: Article
Published: 2022-03-03
Page range: 151-201
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A taxonomic revision of the tube-web spiders of the genus Ariadna (Araneae: Segestriidae) in Tasmania

Harry Butler Research Institute, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Western Australia 6150, Australia 2Earth and Biological Sciences, South Australian Museum, GPO Box 234, Adelaide, South Australia 5001, Australia
Earth and Biological Sciences, South Australian Museum, GPO Box 234, Adelaide, South Australia 5001, Australia 3School of Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide, South Australia 5005, Australia.
Harry Butler Research Institute, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Western Australia 6150, Australia. Department of Terrestrial Zoology, Western Australia Museum, Locked Bag 49, Welshpool DC, Western Australia 6986, Australia 5Zoological Museum Hamburg, Leibnitz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB), Centre for Taxonomy & Morphology, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 3, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
Araneae Australia DNA barcodes morphology new species Synspermiata taxonomy


The genus Ariadna Audouin, 1826 is revised for Tasmania to include 13 species, ten of which are described as new: Ariadna abbreviata sp. nov., A. alta sp. nov., A. amabilia sp. nov., A. crypticola sp. nov., A. ferrogrisea sp. nov., A. fragilis sp. nov., A. gonzo sp. nov., A. muscosa Hickman, 1929, A. segmentata Simon, 1893, A. subnubilum sp. nov., A. thylacinus sp. nov. and A. tigrina sp. nov.. The species described in this manuscript exhibit high levels of sympatry.



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