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Type: Article
Published: 2022-05-05
Page range: 413-430
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Burmagomphus chaukulensis, a new species of dragonfly (Odonata: Anisoptera: Gomphidae) from the Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India

Zoological Survey of India, Southern Regional Centre, Santhome High Road, Chennai 600028, Tamil Nadu, India 2Biodiversity Lab, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru 560065, Karnataka, India 3Indian Foundation for Butterflies, Bangalore 560097, India
Indian Foundation for Butterflies, Bangalore 560097, India 4M.D. Community Medicine, Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai 400012, Maharashtra, India
1040, Whistling Woods, Amboli, Sindhudurg 416510, Maharashtra, India
Biodiversity Lab, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru 560065, Karnataka, India
Odonata Burmagomphus laidlawi cauvericus endemic Sindhudurg Western Ghats endemic species new species description species discovery taxonomic keys


We describe a new species of dragonfly, Burmagomphus chaukulensis sp. nov., based on four males and two females from Chaukul, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra located in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot of India. The newly described species is diagnosed from its congeners by a combination of following characters: the shape of male caudal appendages (prominent lateral spines on cerci) and the lateral thoracic markings (stripe on mesepisternum reduced and pointed anteriorly). Additionally, B. chaukulensis is unique in terms of the shape of hamuli, strongly angulated with spines at both sides. An updated identification key to Indian Burmagomphus spp. is also provided.



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