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Type: Article
Published: 2022-06-15
Page range: 333-344
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Meschia brevirostris sp. nov., from New Caledonia (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Lygaeoidea: Meschiidae)

Agriculture Victoria, AgriBio, 5 Ring Road, Bundoora, Victoria 3083, Australia. La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria 3083, Australia.
Institute of Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Silesia in Katowice, Bankowa 9, 40-007 Katowice, Poland
Department of Natural History, Upper Silesian Museum, Pl. Sobieskiego 2, 41-902 Bytom, Poland
Institute of Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Silesia in Katowice, Bankowa 9, 40-007 Katowice, Poland
biodiversity distribution new species taxonomy true bugs Hemiptera


A new species, Meschia brevirostris sp. nov. (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Lygaeoidea: Meschiidae), is described from New Caledonia. Photographs and SEM micrographs of the male and female habitus, genital structures and selected morphological structures are presented.


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