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Published: 2022-06-20

Revision of the genus Centrophorus (Squaliformes: Centrophoridae): Part 3—Redescription of Centrophorus uyato (Rafinesque) with a discussion of its complicated nomenclatural history

CSIRO Australian National Fish Collection, National Research Collections Australia, GPO Box 1538, Hobart, TAS 7001, Australia.
Marine Biology Laboratory, Zoology Department, University of Valencia, E-46100 Burjassot (Valencia), Spain.
Pacific Shark Research Center, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, 8272 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing, CA 95039, USA. Department of Ichthyology, California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, CA. 94118, USA 5South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Private Bag 1015, Grahamstown, 6140, South Africa
Florida Museum of Natural History, Dickinson Hall, 1659 Museum Road, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611, USA.
CIBIO—Research Center for Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Campus Agrário de Vairão, Rua Monte Crasto, 4485-661 Vairão, Portugal.
State University of New York at Cobleskill, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Environmental Science, Center for Agriculture & Natural Resources, Cobleskill, NY 12043, USA.
F.F.C. Elasmobranch Studies, New Port Richey, Florida, USA.
Institute for Marine Biological, Resources and Biotechnologies, National Research Council, Mazara del Vallo, Italy.
Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité (ISYEB), Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, CNRS, Sorbonne Université, EPHE, Université des Antilles; Station Marine de Concarneau, Place de la Croix, 29900 Concarneau, France.
Pisces gulper sharks Mediterranean Indo-Pacific genetics morphology nomenclature neotype


Centrophorus uyato (Rafinesque, 1810) has a complicated nomenclatural history which has led to multiple scientific names being ascribed to this species. In the Mediterranean Sea, and elsewhere in its range, this species was previously referred to as C. granulosus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801). The first paper in this revision series clarified that C. granulosus refers to a much larger species of gulper shark which attains at least 1.7 m length and is absent from the Mediterranean Sea. Further complicating the nomenclature of this species is the fact that the original description clearly refers to a Squalus species, and not a Centrophorus species. In this third part of the revision of the genus Centrophorus, this problematic species is redescribed. A detailed synonymy is provided and it is confirmed that C. machiquensis, C. bragancae and C. zeehaani are junior synonyms of this species. To preserve nomenclatural stability within the genus, the name Centrophorus uyato is retained for this species with a neotype from close to the original type locality off Italy being designated. Intraspecific variation within Centrophorus uyato is also discussed, particularly relating to denticle morphology and body morphology.



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