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Type: Article
Published: 2022-07-27
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Four new genera of Heteropodinae Thorell, 1873 from Malaysia, Brunei and Papua New Guinea (Araneae: Sparassidae)

Arachnology, Senckenberg Research Institute, Mertonstraße 17–21, 60325 Frankfurt. Institute of Ecology, Diversity and Evolution, Campus Riedberg, Goethe University, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany;
Arachnology, Senckenberg Research Institute, Mertonstraße 17–21, 60325 Frankfurt.
Araneae Huntsman spiders taxonomy copulatory organs morphology Southeast Asia


When examining material of Sparassidae Bertkau, 1872 four new genera were identified as new to science, all belonging to the subfamily Heteropodinae Thorell, 1873. Three new genera from Malaysia and Brunei, and one new genus from Papua New Guinea are described in this paper: Borniella gen. nov. with its type species Borniella parva spec. nov. from Malaysia: Sarawak and Brunei (male, female); Menarik gen. nov. with its type species Menarik kecil spec. nov. from Malaysia: Sarawak (male, female); Micropoda gen. nov. with its type species Micropoda daviesae spec. nov. from Papua New Guinea: New Britain (male, female); Tiomaniella gen. nov. with its type species Tiomaniella ladam spec. nov. from Malaysia: Tioman Island (male, female). All are diagnosed by their copulatory organs, which partly exhibit extraordinary character states. Most females of Menarik kecil spec. nov. exhibited scars at their epigynes that might be connected to the special apophyses in the male palp.



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