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Type: Article
Published: 2022-07-28
Page range: 147-164
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Taxonomic studies on Afrotropical Nolinae: review of the Afrotropical taxa of the genus Hampsonola László, Ronkay & Ronkay, 2015, descriptions of five new genera and five new species and introduction of a new synonymy (Lepidoptera, Nolidae)

African Natural History Research Trust (ANHRT), Street Court, Leominster-Kingsland, HR6 9QA, United Kingdom.
Lepidoptera Leucobaeta Meganola new combination taxonomy


An overview of the Afrotropical species of Hampsonola László, Ronkay & Ronkay is given and five new combinations are introduced: Hampsonola inexplicabilis (Hacker, 2012) comb. n., Hampsonola argyropasta (Hampson, 1914) comb. n., Hampsonola nanographa (Hacker, 2012) comb. n. are transferred from Meganola Dyar, and Hampsonola aulombardiella (Hacker, 2012) comb. n. and Hampsonola transecta (Hampson, 1901) comb. n. are transferred from Nola Leach to Hampsonola. Based on integrative taxonomic analyses, five new monotypic genera and their type species are described: Gabonola gen. n. smithi sp. n., Bellanola gen. n. mikongo sp. n., Brunneonola gen. n. nimba sp. n., Ivindonola gen. n. ipassa sp. n. and Cryptonola gen. n. confundata sp. n. Additionally, Negeta franeyae Viette, 1987 is transferred to the genus Leucobaeta László, Ronkay & Witt, 2010: Leucobaeta franeyae (Viette, 1987) comb. n. representing a senior synonym of Leucobaeta malagassa László, 2022 syn. n. The paper is illustrated with 21 colour and 16 black and white diagnostic images.



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