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Published: 2022-11-28

Leafhoppers of the tribe Adelungiini (Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae: Megophthalminae) in Iran

Insect Taxonomy Research Department, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization, P.O. Box 1454, Tehran 19395, Iran
Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 Universitetskaya Emb., Saint Petersburg 199034, Russia.
Hemiptera Achrus Adelungia Dalus new record new synonymy key Melicharella Middle East Platyproctus Zubara


The study is focused on the leafhopper tribe Adelungiini (Megophthalminae) of Iran and based on the specimens collected since 1970s to 2018 and deposited in the Hayk Mirzayans Insect Museum, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Teheran (Iran) and in the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, Saint Petersburg (Russia). Achrus caligonicolus Dlabola, 1981 and Achrus taghizadehi Dlabola, 1981 are placed in synonymy under Achrus albicosta (Kusnezov, 1929) and Melicharella pascualis Dubovsky, 1968 is placed in synonymy under Melicharella basalis Dlabola, 1960. Five species: Dalus leopardinus (Haupt, 1917), Melicharella basalis Dlabola, 1960, Platyproctus agraphopteron Bergevin, 1932, P. omani (Kameswara Rao et Ramakrishnan, 1983), and Zubara lycii Al-ne’ami et Linnavuori, 1982 are recorded for the first time from Iran, representing three new generic records from the country. Male genitalia of D. leopardinus and Adelungia elegans Melichar, 1902 are illustrated here for the first time. A revised checklist of Adelungiini of Iran, with a key to species and maps of their distribution are provided.



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