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Type: Article
Published: 2023-03-31
Page range: 557-565
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Two new species of Astata Latreille from Iran (Hymenoptera, Astatidae)

Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut; Eberswalder Straße 90; 15374 Müncheberg; Germany
Department of Entomology; Jahrom Branch; Islamic Azad University; Jahrom; Iran
Department of Entomology; Jahrom Branch; Islamic Azad University; Jahrom; Iran
Hymenoptera Astata new species taxonomy Iran distribution Palaearctic region


Two new digger wasp species of the genus Astata Latreille, 1796 (Hymenoptera, Astatidae), A. ljubomirovi sp. nov. and A. rubriventris sp. nov. are described from Iran. Moreover, A. compta Nurse is newly recorded from the Palaearctic region and Iran, redescribed and illustrated. Diagnostic characters and key features to each species are given. With the present additions, the total number of Astata recorded from Iran increases up to 14.



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