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Type: Article
Published: 2023-05-08
Page range: 578-600
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Description of seven new species of Edessa Fabricius, 1803 from Central America (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, Edessinae)

Universidade Federal do Paraná; Departamento de Zoologia; caixa postal 19020; 81531-980 Curitiba; Paraná; Brazil
Universidade Federal do Pará; Instituto de Ciências Biológicas; Av. Augusto Correa #1 66075–110; Belém; Pará; Brazil
Universidade Federal do Pará; Instituto de Ciências Biológicas; Av. Augusto Correa #1 66075–110; Belém; Pará; Brazil
Hemiptera Costa Rica Panama stink bug taxonomy


Not much is known about the Central American stink bug fauna of the Edessinae subfamily. A recent survey of Costa Rican species from this subfamily listed 65 species, of which 47 were new additions. More recently, a description of a group of species of Edessa added more three species to the fauna of Costa Rica. This work is part of a series of articles aiming to review Edessinae from Central America. In this article seven new species are described from Panama and Costa Rica: Edessa bituberculata sp. n., E. bivenulata sp. n., E. enargocelida sp. n., E. fuscolimbata sp. n., E. fuscopunctata sp. n., E. helvoalata sp. n. and E. holochlorata sp. n.



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