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Type: Article
Published: 2023-05-16
Page range: 373-380
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Description of a new moss-feeding species of Cidariplura Butler, 1879 (Lepidoptera, Erebidae) from China

School of Forestry; Northeast Forestry University; Harbin 150040; P. R. China; Northeast Asia Biodiversity Research Center; Northeast Forestry University; Harbin; 150040; P. R. China; Key Laboratory of Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management-Ministry of Education; Northeast Forestry University; Harbin 150040; P. R. China
Department of Biology; Shanghai Normal University; Shanghai; 200234; P. R. China
Department of Entomology; College of Plant Protection; South China Agricultural University; Guangzhou 510642; P. R. China
Department of Zoology; National Museum of Nature and Science; Amakubo 4-1-1; Tsukuba; 305-0005; Japan
Lepidoptera Cyrto-hypnum gratum Herminiinae larva new species Taxonomy


A new species of Cidariplura Butler, 1879, Cidariplura guiyuea sp. n. is described from Guizhou and Guangdong Provinces, China, which was reared from larva to adult feeding on Cyrto-hypnum gratum (P. Beauv.) Buck & Crum. The new species is illustrated with images of the adult, male genitalia and compared with similar species Cidariplura bilineata (Wileman & South, 1919) and Cidariplura brevivittalis (Moore, 1867).



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