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Type: Monograph
Published: 2023-05-18
Page range: 1-74
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Six genera of the subtribe Macrothripina from Southeast Asia to Taiwan (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripidae, Idolothripinae)

Laboratory of Entomology; Tokyo University of Agriculture; 1737 Funako; Atsugi; Kanagawa; 243-0034 Japan
Laboratory of Entomology; Tokyo University of Agriculture; 1737 Funako; Atsugi; Kanagawa; 243-0034 Japan
Thysanoptera Macrothripina Aesthesiothrips Celidothrips Ethirothrips Fernothrips Ischyrothrips Polytrichothrips


Six genera with 35 species of fungal spore feeding idolothripine thrips included in the subtribe Macrothripina of the tribe Pygothripini are recognised from Southeast Asia to Taiwan. In which one genus and 21 species are newly described: Aesthesiothrips breviconus sp. n., A. elongatus sp. n., Celidothrips floresi, sp. n., Ethirothrips colossus, sp. n., E. conopygus sp. n., E. dalatae sp. n., E. duricaudus sp. n., E. kasetsarti sp. n., E. longiceps sp. n., E. malaya sp. n., E. oculus sp. n., E. ommatus sp. n., E. puiensis sp. n., E. quadratus sp. n., E. saigon sp. n., E. setosus sp. n., E. tenuis sp. n., E. terminalis sp. n., E. thai sp. n., Fernothrips femoralis gen. et sp. n., Polytrichothrips malayanus sp. n., and two species are redescribed: E. longisetis and E. rubeus. Moreover, five species of two genera are newly recorded from Southeast Asia: E. brevis from Indonesia and Thailand, E. longisetis from Laos, E. obscurus from Indonesia and Thailand, E. rubeus from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and Ischyrothrips crassus from Thailand. Generic definitions of two genera, Aesthesiothrips and Ethirothrips, are re-examined. Five keys are provided for: 12 Macrothripina genera from Asia, three Aestethiothrips species, two Celidothrips species from Southeast Asia, 26 Ethirothrips species from Southeast Asia to Taiwan, and three Polytrichothrips species.



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