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Type: Article
Published: 2023-05-19
Page range: 185-195
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New records of Pimelodella (Siluriformes, Heptapteridae) from Colombia for the Amazon River basin, and redescription of P. serrata

Grupo de Ictiología; Instituto de Biología; Universidad de Antioquia; Medellín; Colombia
Unidad Ejecutora Lillo – CONICET (Fundación Miguel Lillo); San Miguel de Tucumán; Argentina; Grupo de Investigación Evaluación; Manejo y Conservación de Recursos Hidrobiológicos y Pesqueros; Universidad de los Llanos; Villavicencio; Colombia; Grupo de Investigación Cuencas; Fundación Neotropical Cuencas; Arauca; Colombia
Grupo de Ictiología; Instituto de Biología; Universidad de Antioquia; Medellín; Colombia
Pisces Amazonas geographic distribution morphology Rhamdiinae taxonomy


We recorded Pimelodella bockmanni and P. serrata for the first time for Colombia, based on specimens collected in tributaries from the main channel of the Amazonas River, in the so-called Trapecio Amazónico, in the southernmost region of this country. We also present morphometric, meristic, and osteological data of the examined material, and provide a complementary morphological description of the poorly known P. serrata, a species known only from the Madeira River drainage in Bolivia and Brazil.



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