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Type: Article
Published: 2023-05-26
Page range: 210-232
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The experimental life cycle closure of Andricus truncicolus (Giraud, 1859) (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini) and taxonomic description of its sexual generation

Museo Civico di Lentate Sul Seveso; Via D. Aureggi 25; 20823 Lentate Sul Seveso
Department of Agricultural; Food and Forest Sciences (SAAF); University of Palermo; Viale delle Scienze Bd. 5A; 90128 Palermo
Department of Agricultural; Food and Forest Sciences (SAAF); University of Palermo; Viale delle Scienze Bd. 5A; 90128 Palermo
Department of Agricultural; Food and Forest Sciences (SAAF); University of Palermo; Viale delle Scienze Bd. 5A; 90128 Palermo
Hymenoptera oak gallwasp heteroecic life cycle biology sexual generation morphology distribution Quercus


The life cycle of Andricus truncicolus (Giraud, 1869), a species previously known only from its asexual generation, is closed. Laboratory rearing and field sampling have revealed the sexual generation of this species, which develops in a hypertrophic degeneration of the terminal or lateral shoot buds appearing as a muddled agglomerate of leaves on Quercus, section Cerris oaks. We describe for the first time the newly discovered sexual generation of A. truncicolus and provide illustrations and diagnosis for adults and galls of both generations, further observations on biology and information on the species distribution.



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