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Type: Article
Published: 2023-06-01
Page range: 271-281
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Pseudolaguvia permaris, a new catfish from the Eastern Ghats of India (Teleostei: Sisoridae)

A1101; Synchronicity CHS; Lok Milan Colony; Chandivali; Mumbai; Maharashtra; India; 400 072
Indian Council of Agricultural Research – Central Island Agricultural Research Institute; Port Blair; Andaman and Nicobar Islands; India; 744 101
Plot 5258; Megheswar colony; Bhubaneswar; Odisha; India; 751 018
Pisces Siluriformes Sisoroidea Odisha Mahanadi River biogeography


Pseudolaguvia permaris, a new sisorid catfish is described from the Mahanadi River basin in Odisha, India. The new species can be distinguished from congeners in having the following combination of characters: serrated anterior margin of dorsal-fin spine, thoracic adhesive apparatus not extending beyond base of last pectoral-fin ray, caudal peduncle depth 8.6–10.2% SL, body depth at anus 15.3–20.2% SL, adipose-fin base length 13.6–18.1% SL, dorsal to adipose distance 11.4–14.4% SL, length of pectoral-fin spine 19.3–28.0% SL, length of dorsal-fin spine 16.5–20.4% SL, head width 21.6–25.9% SL and indistinct, creamish bands on the body.



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