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Type: Article
Published: 2023-06-30
Page range: 375-392
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Species of Garra (Cyprinidae: Labeoninae) in the Salween River basin with description of an enigmatic new species from the Ataran River drainage of Thailand and Myanmar

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Chiang Mai University; Chiang Mai; 50100; Thailand
Florida Museum of Natural History; University of Florida; Gainesville; Florida; 32611; USA
Department of Conservation Biology; Mahidol University; Kanchanaburi Campus; Lum Sum; Sai Yok; Kanchanaburi; 71150; Thailand
Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science; Baton Rouge; Louisiana 70803; USA
Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida; Gainesville; Florida; 32611; USA.
Pisces Actinopterygii teleost phylogenetics Zami River


Garra panitvongi, new species, is described from the Ataran River drainage, Salween River basin, of southeastern Myanmar and western Thailand. It is the sixth species of Garra known from the Salween River basin and is readily distinguished from all congeners by the red-orange color of the body and caudal fin, and a pointed proboscis with a blue stripe on each side from the anterior margin of the orbit to the tip of the proboscis and with the stripes forming a V-shape. Garra panitvongi is known in the aquarium trade as the Redtail Garra. Descriptive information is provided on poorly known species of Garra in the Salween River basin, and Garra nujiangensis is transferred to Ageneiogarra.



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