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Type: Monograph
Published: 2023-08-11
Page range: 1-66
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Integrative taxonomic revision of the genus Phaselia Guenée, [1858] (Geometridae: Ennominae) in the Middle East and Central Asia

University of Hohenheim; Systematic Entomology (190n); Garbenstr. 30; D-70599 Stuttgart; Germany; State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart; Entomology; Rosenstein 1; D-70191 Stuttgart; Germany
SNSB-ZSM; Bavarian State Collection of Zoology; Münchhausenstr. 21; D-81247 Munich; Germany
Zoological museum; Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University; Volodymyrska str. 60; UA-01601 Kyiv; Ukraine
University of Hohenheim; Systematic Entomology (190n); Garbenstr. 30; D-70599 Stuttgart; Germany; State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart; Entomology; Rosenstein 1; D-70191 Stuttgart; Germany
State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart; Entomology; Rosenstein 1; D-70191 Stuttgart; Germany
Lepidoptera Caucasus DNA barcoding genital preparation new records new species new subspecies


In the past, the high intraspecific variation of wing pattern within the genus Phaselia Guenée, [1858] repeatedly led to misidentifications. In this study, we applied an integrative approach using external and internal morphological characters, along with DNA barcoding and distribution data to review the taxonomy of the genus Phaselia in the Middle East and Central Asia. For this study, 710 specimens, including type specimens and 242 genitalia slides were prepared and examined. As a result, P. phaeoleucaria (Lederer, 1855) stat. rev. is reinstated from synonymy of P. serrularia; P. phaeoleucaria shurensis Wehrli 1941 comb. nov. is regarded as a subspecies of P. phaeoleucaria stat. rev. instead of a subspecies of P. serrularia; P. serrularia catharia Wehrli, 1941 syn. nov. is regarded as a junior synonym of P. phaeoleucaria shurensis comb. nov.; P. narynaria Oberthür, 1913 syn. nov. is regarded as a junior synonym of P. serrularia (Eversmann, 1847); P. pithana Wehrli, 1941 bona sp. is raised to species level from subspecies of P. serrularia. Furthermore, two species and two subspecies are described as new to science: P. smettboi sp. nov., P. sihvoneni sp. nov., P. erika jonubi ssp. nov. and P. erika sindhi ssp. nov. Wing pattern, and both male and female genitalia of all discussed taxa are illustrated, their distribution patterns are shown on a map and CO1 data is evaluated to confirm our taxonomic decisions.



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