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Type: Article
Published: 2023-08-14
Page range: 141-146
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A new genus and a new species of Trigonidiidae (Orthoptera: Grylloidea) from north Myanmar amber

College of Agronomy; Sichuan Agricultural University; Chengdu; 611130; China.
College of Life Sciences; Shaanxi Normal University; Xi′an; 710119; China
College of Agronomy; Sichuan Agricultural University; Chengdu; 611130; China.
Orthoptera fossil mid-Cretaceous new genus new species morphology


We present the description of a new genus and new species of Trigonidiidae, Qiongqi crinalis gen. et sp. nov., found in amber deposits at Noije Bum, near Tanai in the Hukawng Valley of northern Myanmar. Its lateralized eyes, short clypeus, exposed mandible, and extremely dense setae entirely covering the body, provides us with new knowledge on the morphology of Trigonidiidae. Additionally, a key to species of fossil Trigonidiidae in amber was provided.



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