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Type: Article
Published: 2023-09-19
Page range: 307-316
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Additions to the herpetofauna of Hon Son Island, Rach Gia Bay, Kien Giang Province, southern Vietnam with a discussion of syntopy between the granite cave-adapted Bent-toed Gecko Cyrtodactylus eisenmanae and a new Cyrtodactylus of uncertain taxonomic status

Herpetology Laboratory; Department of Biology; La Sierra University; 4500 Riverwalk Parkway; Riverside; California 92505; USA. Department of Herpetology; San Diego Natural History Museum; PO Box 121390; San Diego; California; 92112; USA.
Herpetology photographer; Ho Chi Minh City; Vietnam.; 1224 W Varese Wy; Oro Valley; Arizona; 85755 USA
Reptilia ecomorphology granite cave Gulf of thailand islands new island records


An updated herpetofaunal checklist of Hon Son Island, Rach Gia Bay, Kien Giang Province, southern Vietnam is presented which reports of new records for Kaloula pulchra, Sylvirana cf. mortenseni, Cyrtodactylus sp., and Gehyra mutilata bringing the island total to 21 species. Cyrtodactylus sp. is an unidentified granite-cave adapted species that occurs in syntopy with the granite-cave adapted C. eisenmanae, bringing the total number of Cyrtodactylus on this tiny island (11.5 km2) to three. The implications of highly specialized syntopic congeneric ecomorphs is discussed.



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