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Type: Article
Published: 2023-09-19
Page range: 317-324
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Two new riparian Pselaphinae from Hubei, Central China (Coleoptera: taphylinidae)

Laboratory of Systematic Entomology; College of Life Sciences; Shanghai Normal University; Shanghai 200234; China
Chongyang No.2 Senior High School; Baini Town; Chongyang County; Xianning 437515; Hubei; China
Coleoptera taxonomy ant-loving beetle Batrisina Iniocyphina riverbank East Asia


The Pselaphinae fauna of Hubei Province in central China is extremely poorly documented. Here we describe two new species recently collected at a riverbank near Chongyang’s county seat. Batrisiella riparia sp. nov. is characterized by the greatly swollen metafemora of the male, and Nipponobythus varicornis sp. nov. has a darkish-colored body, and uniquely modified male antennal clubs and metaventrite. Illustrations of the habitus and taxonomically informative characters of both species are provided for a reliable identification.


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