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Type: Article
Published: 2024-01-05
Page range: 342-350
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A new amber representative of the genus Ectobius Stephens, 1835 (Blattodea: Ectobiidae) from Storebælt (Denmark)

Zoological Institute; Russian Academy of Sciences; Universitetskaya Emb. 1; Saint Petersburg; 199034 Russia
Cherepovets State University; Lunacharsky prospect 5; 162600; Cherepovets; Russia; Borissiak Paleontological Institute; Russian Academy of Sciences; Moscow; 117647 Russia
Natural History Museum of Denmark; Universitetsparken 15; Copenhagen; 2100 Denmark
Blattodea cockroach danish amber late eocene morphology new species palaeoentomology


A new fossil cockroach, Ectobius danekrae sp. nov., is described on the basis of a single male adult individual from late Eocene Danish amber. This is the third representative of the genus Ectobius Stephens, 1835 from Eocene ambers. The new species exhibits plesiomorphic characters of small right stylus and subsymmetrical claws, compared to the known fossil and living species of the genus. The references to Ectobius balticus (Germar et Berendt, 1856) and Margattea Shelford, 1911 sp. presence in Danish amber are insufficient.



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