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Type: Article
Published: 2024-06-05
Page range: 273-282
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New species of Batrochoglanis Gill (Siluriformes: Pseudopimelodidae) from the Capim River basin, State of Pará, Brazil

Museu de Zoologia; Departamento de Biologia Animal e Vegetal; Centro de Ciências Biológicas; Universidade Estadual de Londrina; 86051-990; Londrina; PR; Brazil
Pisces Bumblebee catfish Endemism Neotropical region Taxonomy Bagre-sapo Endemismo Região Neotropical Taxonomia


Batrochoglanis labrosus new species, is described from the Capim River Basin, State of Pará, Brazil. The new species differs from congeners by the stout, inferior mandible, hypertrophied lips on the lateral of the mouth, a broad dark brown band extending dorsoventrally from the beginning of the trunk to the posterior third of the adipose fin followed by a second dark brown band on the caudal peduncle, dark brown pelvic fin, and caudal fin hyaline with a concentration of dark brown spots on the posterior margin, sometimes forming an irregular band. The morphometric variables of B. labrosus are similar in B. villosus and B. castaneus, forming a B. villosus species group. The B. villosus group is distinct from other group formed by B. acanthochiroides and B. transmontanus in the third axis of the Principal Components Analysis. The variables with higher positive loadings in the B. villosus group, representing larger measurements, were adipose-fin base length, eye diameter, maxillary barbel length, head depth, and mouth width; the higher negative loadings representing shorter measurements were pelvic fin to anal fin distance and pectoral-fin spine length. The species is known only from the Capim River basin, where it is possibly endemic.



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