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Type: Article
Published: 2021-09-30
Page range: 300-320
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Documenting trumpet leaf-miner moths (Tischeriidae): new Neotropical Coptotriche and Astrotischeria species, with notes on Sapindaceae as a host-plant family

Nature Research Centre and Baltic-American Biotaxonomy Institute, Akademijos St. 2, Vilnius 08412, Lithuania.
Nature Research Centre and Baltic-American Biotaxonomy Institute, Akademijos St. 2, Vilnius 08412, Lithuania.
Nature Research Centre and Baltic-American Biotaxonomy Institute, Akademijos St. 2, Vilnius 08412, Lithuania
Real Jardín Botánico – CSIC, Claudio Moyano 1, Madrid 28014, Spain.
Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya nab. 1, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Systematic Entomology Laboratory, ARS, US Department of Agriculture, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., 20013-7012, USA.
Lepidoptera Andean Asteraceae leaf mines Serjania taxonomy trumpet leaf-miner moths


Four new species of trumpet leaf-miner moths (Tischeriidae) are described from the Neotropics: Coptotriche serjaniphaga Remeikis & Stonis, sp. nov., feeding on Serjania Mill. (Sapindaceae), Astrotischeria mystica Diškus & Stonis, sp. nov., feeding on Verbesina L. (Asteraceae), A. yungasi Diškus & Stonis, sp. nov., feeding on Oyedaea DC. (Asteraceae), and A. parapallens Diškus & Stonis, sp. nov., feeding on Baccharis L. (Asteraceae). Records on Sapindaceae-feeding Tischeriidae are very rare and Serjania is a novel host-plant genus for Tischeriidae. It is hypothesized that Serjania, a diverse genus in the tropical and subtropical Americas, may be a host for many undiscovered species of specialized stenophagous Tischeriidae. The new species are illustrated with photographs of the adults, male and, if available, female genitalia, and the leaf mines. We briefly discuss the importance of new species descriptions as a part of biodiversity assessment.



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